3D printer Tiertime X5

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  • Bed Temperature
  • Technology
  • Dimensions (L x l x H)
  • Printed volume (L x l x H)
  • Wheight
  • Compatibilité OS
  • Diameter
  • Precision position X/Y
  • Print speed
  • Compatible materials
  • Heating plate
  • Connectivity
  • Software provided
  • Files supported
  • Consommation
  • Caméra
  • type d'extrudeur
  • Filtration d'air
  • Température max. de la buse
  • Extension de garantie de 24 mois
  • Modèle

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Brand: TierTime
Bed Temperature : 100 ° C
Technology: FDM (dépôt de filament)
Dimensions (L x l x H): 850 x 625 x 520 mm
Printed volume (L x l x H): 180 x 230 x 200 mm
Wheight: 52 kg
Compatibilité OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Diameter: 1,75 mm
Precision position X/Y: 50 microns
Print speed: 30 - 200 mm/s
Compatible materials: PLA, PVA, TPU, TPE, PETG, autres...
Heating plate: Yes
Connectivity: Wifi - Ethernet - USB
Software provided: Logiciel d'aperçu avant impression UP
Files supported: .stl, .obj, . up3, .tsk, .3mf, .ply, .off, .3ds
Consommation: 220 W
Caméra: non
type d'extrudeur: direct drive
Filtration d'air : HEPA + Charbon actif
Température max. de la buse: 299° C
Extension de garantie de 24 mois: incluse
Modèle : X5

Satisfait ou remboursé pendant 14 jours

The Tiertime X5 is a professional desktop 3D printer capable of continuous 3D printing. It is ideal for prototyping, but is primarily designed to do stand-alone production line printing. Its print preview software allows you to generate a print queue, enabling the X5 3D printer to run up to 12 complete print trays independently. The X5 is capable of printing most print materials on the market with an exceptional accuracy of 50 microns.

Contents of the order :     
- 1 X5 3D printer     
- 1 PLA extrusion chamber     
- 1 roll of white PLA 1kg     
- 12 perforated trays     
- 1 SD card     
- 1 maintenance accessory kit     
- 1 calibration card     
- 1 additional coil holder     
- 1 tray collection basket     
- 1 additional spare carbon filter     
- 1 additional spare HEPA filter     
- 1 additional spare tray sheet     
- Print preview software     
- 2 year warranty included     
- Material guide
The X5, a well thought-out 3D machine



In addition to its ability to print 3D prints on the fly, the X5 has been designed with noble materials, made to last over time. Its impressive weight of 52 kg makes it particularly stable, which further improves the quality of the 3D prints obtained. The X5 has 3 openings. The first, on the right, is dedicated to loading the consumables and its 12 printing trays. The second is the opening on the front, which gives us access to all the handling related to the machine. Finally, the last opening is an exit door for the ejection of the finished printing trays outside the machine. The Tiertime X5 has a perforated heating plate for better adhesion to ABS printed parts and has a plastic application extrusion head (PLA, ABS, TPU).

An easy-to-use 3D printer

The X5 is equipped with a large 7" colour touch screen, which you can easily navigate to prepare the machine for printing. In addition, with its Tiertime Print Queue software, it is possible to generate a print queue of up to 12 trays making the X5 3D printer completely self contained. Its transparent top cover will ensure that the printing process runs smoothly.

Continuous automatic tray change

HEPA filter + activated carbon filter

The UP300 3D printer includes a dual air filtration system specially designed for its large printing chamber. The air is filtered by separate HEPA and activated carbon filters that help to drastically reduce toxic emissions. The HEPA filters promise 99.95% filtration efficiency for ultra-fine particles.

Convoyeur Machines-3D (en option)

The Machines-3D conveyor has been developed for the X5 3D printer. The Tiertime X5 is able to print your series of parts in a line thanks to an intelligent system of changing printing trays. Once the 3D printing is finished, it ejects the tray containing the parts from the machine and automatically changes it for a blank tray. With the Machines-3D conveyor belt, the print trays ejected from the machine slide to a cushioned stop and exit unharmed. The conveyor can support up to 7 trays, making your production line reliable for the night or weekend.


Odoo • Image et Texte

Tiertime Print Queue

This feature allows multiple users to send their print-ready files from different sources to the same machine via USB / WIFI / LAN. Sending print-ready files from various sources to a 3D printer can be complex and time consuming. If there is only one 3D printer in the office and several designers want to access it, they will have to constantly monitor the machine. Users have to wait for files to be sent to the printer and printed, which could take hours. The Tiertime Print Queue allows multiple users to send files to the printer simultaneously. First come, first served! The files that will be printed will appear in the queue.

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